8 March 2013 - Plenary Meeting of the European Civil Society Platform on Multilingualism in Brussels:


The European Civil Society Platform on Multilingualism held its plenary meeting on 8th March 2013 in the premises of the European Commission in Brussels. AEBR is member of the Platform as the cross-border dimension is considered by the EC and civil society as an important element within the EU Multilingualism Policy.
High-level representatives of the European Commission presented the last programmes and policy documents to support Multilingualism all around Europe, such as the Erasmus for All programme and the Rethinking Education EC Communication. The Platform analysed and presented its remarks to both, asking for a more relevant role for Multilingualism in the new EU framework.
Moreover, the Platform is preparing a project proposal to get EU funds from the Erasmus for All programme addressed to promote languages learning. Some of its members are also tackling the implementation of the programme within a working group launched by the Platform. Two other groups dealing with informal and non-formal education as tools for multilingualism and equal opportunities in languages learning were also created.
The Platform was created in 2009 by the European Commission to ensure a permanent dialogue on Multilingualism between this institution and European civil society. Entities dealing with cultural and educative issues, mass media and civil society organisations are members of the Platform. 

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