Meeting of the AEBR Task Force "External Borders", 8 November 2013:

Participants of the TFEB Meeting on 8 November 2013 (Source: Johannes Moisio)
Participants of the TFEB Meeting on 8 November 2013 (Source: Johannes Moisio)

The following topics were discussed during the meeting:


1. View on the past events in 2013

-  Santiago de Compostela meeting March 2013

-  Trim meeting 13-14 June (not enough time/participants to hold a meeting)

-  Attending CoR CIVEX Forum in 17 June and Isasi Economical Forum in Iasi, Romania

-  Youth Seminar (see separate report) in July in Drama, Greece

-  attending All-Russian Forum in St. Petersburg Russia 21-22 October

-  TFEB meeting in Liege


2.    Youth Unemplyment project (Nordic Council of Ministers)

- project plan preparation organised by Nordic Council of Ministers

- preparatory meeting was held in Helsinki 15. October

- project will be proposal submitted 11 November 2013


3.   Year 2014 Youth seminar

- searching for hosts; one possibility Hedmark-Dalarna (Norwegian-Swedish border)

- another possibility Euregio Donbass, which planned to hold a ecological youth forum in 2013


4. Ukrainian-Russian-Polish borders made a letter of intent to create a cooperation network.

This activity was welcomed by the TFEB. This network initiated its will to hold its next meeting in Lappeenranta Finland in January 2014. 

5. TFEB discussed the new Info-centre in Kharkiv. It was stated, that this kind of activity is strongly supported by local University and the involvement of AEBR is assisting in AEBR and EU information.

It is possible, that the number of this kind of info centres or antennas multiply and that the Russian side of the border may have their own by similar support of the TFEB and AEBR.

6. It was stated, that TFEB is positive in cooperation with NEEBOR network. NEEBOR didn’t have Annual conference in 2013. The status of this Brussels based network will be examined.

7.  TFEB Meetings and events. Following meetings are foreseen in 2014:


Ukrainian-Russian network meeting in Lappeenranta (proposed time 12-13.1.2014)


TFEB meeting 27 March 2014 in Kavala, Greece Executive committee meeting 28.3. in Drama)


TFEB meeting in (Lappeenranta or Parikkala in Finland 6 June (Executive committee 7 June in Joensuu, Finland)



Youth seminar (Karlstad SWE? / Lugansk UKR?) – to be confirmed later



TFEB meeting along the General Assembly 2014 12-13 September in Rzeszow, Southeast Poland



TFEB meeting, place to be confirmed later, topic 2014-2020 CBC Programmes

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