22-23 January 2015, Brussels: German Rector’s Conference held an information and strategy day to discuss how German Universities should prepare themselves as stakeholders in the European Regional development and Research Policies:


On 22 and 23 January 2015, the German Rector’s Conference held an information and strategy day for German University leaders at the Representation of Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony) in Brussels. This event dealt mainly with the topic “German Universities as stakeholders in the European Regional development and Research Policies - How should we prepare ourselves?”

Prof. Dr. Horst Hippler, President of the German Rector's Conference, stated in the welcome speech that he would not like the expression "human capital", because persons could not be handled as if they were merchandises. In his opinion, it would be better to talk about the promotion, preservation, etc., of "talent", instead of "human capital". 

Four workshops were held in parallel: 
Workshop 1: Crossborder university cooperation in Europe – Profiting from Smart Specialisation Strategies, INTERREG and multi-regional support? 
Workshop 2: SME funding instruments in Horizon 2020 as tools for regional cooperation and Universities 
Workshop 3: Thinking University and Regional Development as concurrent processes – What are good examples of programming? 
Workshop 4: Cooperation with non-university research centres and organisations in order to attract and keep ERC Grantees as well as other excellent researchers at German universities 

Martin Guillermo Ramirez, Secretary General of AEBR (Association of European Border Regions) was invited to participate in the workshop on Cross-Border University Cooperation in Europe. He briefly explained the history of CBC in Europe, from the first Euroregions in the fifities until now (Madrid Outline Convention, Interreg, EGTCs, etc.), and the development of the AEBR in the meantime. He also explained the work developed by Viktor Frhr. von Malchus regarding CBC of Universities and Research Centres, the update of this study developed by the AEBR (Jannes Elfgen) in 2011, and the use made of this report by the German Rector's Conference in the framework of the development of the European Research Area (ERA). 

The workshop concentrated in the need to organize a European platform or network of CB Universities and Research Centres in order to get the maximum profit of this collaboration, within the framework of a "Triple Helix" collaboration (public sector, private sector and the Academia), and he offered the support of the AEBR network to make this proposal come true. 

A period of consultations will be opened between the two organizations in order to fine tune this proposal in the coming months.

For more information about this event of the German Rector’s Conference, please visit the official website

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