The AEBR during the Open Days: meetings and seminars :

14th European Week of Regions and Cities


The AEBR during the Open Days: meetings and seminars

The AEBR used again the chance of the Open Days to meet several EU representatives, local and regional authorities, associations and other partners in order to strengthen our relationship, but also to share views, exchange opinions, test positions and explore future cooperation at several levels.

It has to be highlighted the presence of CBC in the Open Days, promoted by the institutions (namely DG Regio and the Committee of the Regions) as well as border regions, the MOT, CESCI and other organizations.

On 13th October 2016, the AEBR was invited to speak at a workshop dealing with cross-border gaps in small-scale railway infrastructure. During a very dynamic debate promoted by DG Regio with DG Move and the AEBR, including the views from the Dutch Province of Gelderland and the Austrian region of Styria, the Commission (DG Move) announced  that same day the publication of the 2016 Transport Calls of the Connecting Europe Facility, opened until 7 February 2017. Please read more about this call, opened both for the Cohesion Countries and in general for all EU Member States, in next news.

The AEBR and the MOT were also invited by the CESCI to present the book "Overview of the EGTCs around Hungary", edited by Sara Svensson and Gyula Ocskay (CESCI), an interesting overview of the development of CBC at the numerous and diverse Hungarian borders in the last decades under the leitmoiv of EGTCs. Indeed one in every three EGTCs is participated by a Hungarian partner. You can also find interesting information on the legal background, the current situation and a very complete biography. 

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