4 December 2016, Belgrade: Creation of the "Youth Charter for Cross-Border Cooperation":


The VIII AEBR Youth Forum was held on 2nd and 3rd December 2016 in Belgrade. It was organized by the Association of European Border Regions (AEBR), the AEBR Task Force of External Borders and the AEBR Centre for Balkans in cooperation with the New Diplomacy Centre Belgrade and the Institute for International and Cross-border Cooperation with the title "Young Leaders for Promotion of Careers and Friendly Neighbourship". Almost 50 young people from 13 countries met in the National Assembly Building in Belgrade to discuss how the Youth can be an active partner for building up friendships across the borders. Furthermore, a main goal of the Youth Forum was to create a Youth Charter for Cross-Border Cooperation.

On the first day, the participants could listen to different presentations during several plenary sessions. The themes of these sessions were: youth cross-border friendship for development, youth power for positive transformation, and youth cross-border friendship for peace. The first day ended with a meeting of the AEBR Task Force External Borders (TFEB). In this meeting, an overview of the previous activities was given and new goals for the following period were presented.

The second day was all about the actual workshop. A total of seven working groups discussed the Youth Charter for Cross-Border Cooperation. Each group was responsible for a certain chapter of the Charter. The following chapters will be found in this Charter: youth enrolment in policy development and strategic planning, economic development, environmental protection, social development, media and culture, peace and reconciliation and cross - border cooperation and youth projects. The workshop was divided into three working sessions with different views to the topic. At first the participants were requested to think about their topic from the perspective of “What can Youth do for Youth?”. After this, they should think about the question “What can Youth do for the Society?” and for the last session the question “What should Society do for Youth?” was given.

The more than satisfactory results can soon be found in the Youth Charter for Cross-Border Cooperation.

Photos of this event are available on the AEBR TFEB Group on Facebook

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