November 2016: Series of workshops in Latin America (Inpandes Project):


The second (and last) series of workshops on the ground within the project Andean CB Platform within Inpandes (Participative Regional Integration in the Andean Community), implemented by the Andean Community (Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru) with the support of the European Union, has been organized in the second half of November 2016. This is a series of events in Macará (Ecuador, Border Integration Zone EC-PE), Lima, Leticia (Colombia, Triple Amazonian Border BR-CO-PE), Pasto (Colombia), Tulcán and Ibarra (Ecuador), at the Border Integration Zone CO-EC, aimed at identifying public policies to support cross-border integration and development in several selected borders of the Andean Community.

The AEBR has organized two series of events (in June and November 2016), and has established a permanent communication with many stakeholders. Some main deliverables of this project (factsheets of every border under study and additional information on legislation, articles, studies, presentations and reports) are available in the following Dropbox file (final documents of the project will be available at the end of January 2017, when the project ends. All of them are in Spanish:

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