AEBR contributes to the stakeholder consultation for opinion on the Coordination of Social Security Systems at the Committee of the Regions:


AEBR contributed to the “Stakeholder consultation for Opinion on the Coordination of Social Security Systems” held on 30th March at the Committee of the Regions (CoR) in Brussels. The rapporteur of this opinion is Ms. Ulrike HILLER, Member of Bremen Senate (Germany) and Member of the CoR.

Mr. César Morcillo, Director of Extremadura Office in Brussels – and member of AEBR – attended the meeting and stressed the importance of considering cross-border workers´ rights when it comes to social security systems. Referring to AEBR´s report about “Information services for cross-border workers in European border regions”, Mr. Morcillo highlighted that there are still many practical obstacles to cross-border labour mobility that have not been solved yet, which require much more commitment and efforts by responsible public bodies. Most of these obstacles relate to differences between national social security and taxation systems, which are not always compatible. Moreover, the responsible national bodies and administrations are usually not located at the border, and are consequently not sufficiently aware of the problems that border commuters have to face. This is why Euroregions and other structures of cross-border cooperation can help to improve the information flows between citizens in border areas and national bodies and administrations dealing with social security and taxation issues. An important task of these cross-border networks and partnerships is also to provide all relevant information to employees and employers in border areas as regards working conditions, social security and taxation rules as well as job offers in the neighbouring country. This information can hardly be provided in a standardised form via internet, as the problems faced by frontier workers are very individual and constantly changing. Personalised advisory services are, accordingly, of particular importance for current and future commuters. Information is a key element, when it comes to the promotion of labour mobility in Europe.

The draft opinion was discussed in CoR´s Commission for Social Policy, Education, Employment, Research and Culture last 31st March and it is expected to be adopted at the CoR´s plenary on 12-13 July 2017.

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