"Entrepreneurship - Just do it" Youth Exchange on 13-22 June in Topola, Serbia:


The European Union promotes entrepreneurship as a key competence that can boost competitiveness and growth. It has highlighted the importance of advancing a European entrepreneurial culture by fostering the right mind-set and entrepreneurship- related skills in the Europe 2020 strategy. As a result, entrepreneurship education is now being increasingly encouraged across Europe

This Youth Exchange project is set-up to facilitate the acquisition of the entrepreneurship key competence and will enable young people to reflect on what it means to be an entrepreneur, discuss about the entrepreneurs characteristics, develop tools for entrepreneurship and shape the ideas and ways how they can create their own job and become entrepreneurs.


The main objectives of the project are as follow:

-          to develop their skills, information and knowledge necessary in order to realize that they can become young entrepreneurs

-          to contribute to the development of youth entrepreneurship and generally creative activity and cooperation of young people from different European countries

-          to empower young people, motivate them to take an active role in their lives and in the lives of their local community and to make them realize that they can become an entrepreneur

-          to inspire young people to take a more pro-active and entrepreneurial approach and to use their talents and their capacity for action and creation;

-          to promote intercultural learning through non formal education


Profile of the participants:

-          The applicants should come from one of following countries: Germany, Spain, Hungary, Romania, Greece, Serbia, Montenegro, Albania and Turkey

-          Preferable age between 18 and 25

-          The applicants should have ability to speak and understand English

-          Be able to attend the entire duration of the Youth Exchange

The target groups of the project are youth people; unemployed youth, group leaders and young people who want to learn and develop their entrepreneurs skills, young people with some ideas for entrepreneurship, young people with experience in entrepreneurship, youth people with fewer opportunity. Group of participants will be consisted of people who coming from different socio-economical, cultural, geographical  background, and to them will be offered equal opportunities during the youth exchange. Participants should be ready for an intercultural experience. and interested in becoming agents of change in their organizations and communities.

To apply for participation in Youth Exchange, please fill in the application form and send it back by 22nd May, 2017 to the following e-mail address: aebr.balkans@gmail.com

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