7 June: from "African Border Day" to "International Cross-Border Cooperation Day":


Cross-border cooperation is mainly about securing peace and wellbeing among citizens living in border areas - all over the world. Let's remind this important message today more than ever: 7 June is the "AFRICAN BORDER DAY" & together with our partners like ORU/FOGAR we aim at enlarging the scope of such a special day in order to make it the "INTERNATIONAL CROSS-BORDER COOPERATION DAY" to celebrate the key role of cross-border cooperation in promoting peace and a better life for all human beings and across all borders in the world. 

Since long time AEBR has been a strong promoter of this cause and yesterday it organised a webinar with ca. 35 participants from mainly Latin America and Spain on "The present and future of cross-border cooperation in Iberian America: towards a Declaration of 7 June as International Day of Cross-Border Cooperation". 

The webinar has been a great occasion to share and learn from each other's experiences of cross-border cooperation (in Latin America, in Spain and in Europe) and related-challenges. 

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