La session plénière du CdR du 12 au 13 juillet élit Karl-Heinz Lambertz comme nouveau président:

Il y a eu beaucoup de questions d'intérêt discutées lors de cette session plénière du Comité des régions (CdR), mais la décision la plus pertinente a été l'élection de Karl-Heinz Lambertz (BE / PSE) en tant que nouveau président du CdR à partir du 26 juillet pour les deux prochaines années et demi. Les membres du CdR ont également approuvé leurs avis sur les projets people-to-people et les petit projets dans les programmes de coopération transfrontalière, ainsi que sur la coordination des systèmes de sécurité sociale et sur d'autres questions d'intérêt pour les régions frontalières et transfrontalières en Europe comme le projet de la Commission d'investir 140 millions d'euros dans 13 projets transfrontaliers de transport dans les zones frontalières.


Many issues of interest for European border and cross-border regions were discussed in this plenary session of the CoR, but the most relevant decision was the election of Karl-Heinz Lambertz (BE/PES) as their new President for the next two and half years. In his acceptance speech, President-elect Karl-Heinz Lambertz stressed that the EU needs to listen to citizens and "rethink from the ground" up by giving a greater say to local and regional governments. During his Presidency, the CoR will continue to contribute to the reflection on the EU's future, to fight to protect cohesion policy and to put special emphasis on reinforcing the CoR's ties with all Europe's cities and regions as well as on strengthening relations across the EU's institutions.

See the following press release: Karl-Heinz Lambertz elected President of the European Committee of the Regions:

You can also watch President Karl-Heinz Lambertz's and Commissioner Oettinger's interview with POLITICO on the future of Cohesion in Europe:

A very important topics for us was the approval of the CoR own opinion on People-to-people and small-scale projects in cross-border cooperation programmes. The rapporteur was Mr Pavel Branda, and his expert was AEBR Secretary General. You can see a related news and link to the opinion in all EU languages in the following link:

In the presence of EU's Commissioner for Transport, Violeta Bulc, CoR members welcomed the European Commission's plans to invest €140m in 13 cross-border transport projects in border areas in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia and Spain. See the related press release in:

Another CoR opinion, on the Coordination of Social Security Systems, might be of interest for border regions, in particular where there is a dynamic cross-border labour market:

The CoR adopted three sets of legislative and policy recommendations on the energy package presented by the European Commission in November 2016, and also several positions on the Common Agricultural policy after 2020, the EU's energy "Winter Package"as well as on the topics of migration and development.

And further discussed about the following topics: Territorial classification and typologies; Low-emission transport; Horizon 2020: future of research and innovation in Europe; A better support and an SME-friendly environment. 

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