IVY volunteers & host organisations: the beginning of a success story? :

One of our IVY volunteer together with her IVY host organisation's team

IVY is one of the most challenging initiative that AEBR has initiated in the last years and, as our President says, “it goes to the heart of our core-business”. We are already receiving some feedback from directly involved stakeholders, and we are paying a strong attention to this. Interreg Programmes and Projects which are hosting a volunteer in the framework of the initiative „Interreg Volunteer Youth“ (IVY) are expressing satisfaction towards their participation to IVY. “Birgit, who has been staying here with us for two months, has been a real enrichment to the team and to the institute” told us Paulina Magdalena Borowska, Coordinator of EURAC RESEARCH and mentor of the third IVY volunteer deployed by AEBR.  Thanks to her enthusiasm and the inputs she gave, the young volunteer has really strengthened the effectiveness of the Interreg project she has been volunteering for. The positive impact a young European can have on the implementation of a project is double-sided: the hosting institute can enjoy the perspective of the young generation, the volunteer can get to know the Interreg world and hence learn about cross border cooperation and, more in general, how borders work.

To Monika Burkard, Secretary General at European Foundation for Education (EFE) where Theodoros offered his IT skills to support the project “EDU-LAB”, the IVY volunteer not only contributed encouragingly to the project and to the team, but he also reminded her that the European Union is a great advantage for all as it is about people – and especially about bringing people together. And the successful bestowal granted by Theodoros was not only appreciated by his team, but by the President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker too, as he included the IVY volunteer in his speech on the State of the European Union.

Enthusiasm and fresh new ideas“ is what Manon brought to the Joint Secretariat as a volunteer, says Eloy, her mentor and Communication Officer at the Danube Transnational Programme. Thanks to her, the Programme has “improved its communication about both the programme and the projects towards our target audiences. Our communication became more attractive and we made Europe even closer to citizens” specifies Eloy.

By allowing volunteering experiences within cross-border or transnational programmes and related projects, “Interreg Volunteer Youth” awards interregional joint efforts while contributing to create  knowledge on cooperation across borders in the European Union. Until now, AEBR has been able to involve over 50 host organisations across Europe: 27 Interreg Programmes and 27 Interreg Projects, and 42 young Europeans are already engaged in solidarity activities in Interreg initiatives. 

If you wish to receive more information on the “Interreg Volunteer Youth” initiative, please contact us via email at ivy@aebr.eu.

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