Regional Council of South Karelia

25 November 2017, Finlandia Hall Helsinki: Regional Council of South Karelia hosted a high level Finnish-Russian discussion forum on the topic “Culture promoting business promoting and cross-border cooperation” :

Source of the photo: Johannes Moisio



The participants of the round table discussion were (from left):

Mr. Arto Räty, Director of PR, Fortum Oyj
Mr. Esko Aho, East Office, chairman of board, Senior Fellow, Harvard Univ. Kennedy School

Ms. Valentina Pivnenko, MP Russian Federation, Chair of  Russian duma cooperation group to Finland
Mr. Jukka Kopra, Chairman of Regional Council of South Karelia, MP in Finnish parliament
Mr. Kai Mykkänen, Minister of Foreign Trade, Finland
Mr. Gennadi Milonov, MP Russian Federation, Member of  Russian duma cooperation group to Finland
Mr. Eero Heinäluoma, MP in Finnish parliament, Chair of  Finnish parliament cooperation group to Russia
Mr. Pavel Kuznetsov, Embassador of Russian Federation in Finland

Moderaattori Mr Harry Harkimo, MP in Finnish parliament

Chairman of the panel discussion was Mr. Eero Heinäluoma

The forum was attended on invitation by high level representatives from Finnish and Russian business life

and public administration. The participants attended romance music gala concert in the evening also in

Finlandia Hall.


The efforts of Regional Council of South Karelia and Romance Music Association in Finland brought

together cooperation groups of two parliaments in Finland and Russia after a 5 years break.

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