b-solutions: 10 successful cases announced! :


b-solutions is a pilot project to collect concrete & replicable actions which aim at identifying & testing solutions to cross-border obstacles of legal and administrative nature in EU internal land borders in 5 fields: employment; health; public transport of passengers; multi-lingualism; institutional cooperation. 

It is promoted by the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Regional & Urban Policy (DG REGIO) & managed by the Association of European Border Regions (AEBR). The Call for Proposals closed on 30th April 2018.

Thirty-six applications have been submitted and thirty-one are now under the Selection Committee’s assessment. The most popular topic is “institutional cooperation”, followed by “employment”, “public transport of passengers”, “multilingualism” and “health”.

On Friday 29 June 2018, all applicants have been informed with a letter of award or rejection. The following 10 cases have been selected as “successful”:


Geographical Area

Legal/admin obstacles…


Bilingualism in the Functional Tri-Border Region AT-HU-

Austria – Hungary - Slovakia

...there is no legal frame allowing for children from HU and SK to be accepted at AT primary school or kindergarten. ... Federal authorities can provide such option at secondary education but primary and kinderg. are local thus have no legal competence.

Analyse the root legal causes of the obstacle to propose a legal frame for a realization of cross border kindergarten and school attendance

Elaboration of a cooperation protocol aimed at simplifying administrative procedures for frontier workers in the field of  health insurance

France - Germany

...regarding the admin burden frontier workers face in their application and reimbursement procedures with health insurance funds

Drawing up a cooperation protocol between the competent national authorities, with the help of legal expertise

Lithuanian Geological Survey and Latvian Environment, Geology and Meteorology Centre institutional cooperation on cross-border groundwater management

Latvia - Lithuania

...idenitified in groundwater management - different rules/methodologies across the border

Improve data exchange & harmonise methods for groundwater monitoring & develop a monitoring plan


Belgium - Luxembourg - France - Germany

...idenitified in groundwater management - geographic data produced by BE, FR, LUX geographic agencies is not comparable; cannot be obtained under open licence & not detailed enough for fine-grained analyses

Harmonising topogeographic reference datasets in the border area & developing an integrated dataset for hydrography based on harmonized datasets

CrossMarkets - Institutional cooperation to enhance cross-border selling at local farmers’ markets

Croatia - Hungary

..because of lack of clear & bilingual information about regulations to support local farmers trade across the HR-HU border

Institutional cooperation among operators of farmers’ markets (mostly municipalities) & making available all necessary information about locations & specific requirements of farmers’ markets on both sides of the border in a bi-lingual format

When EMS (emergency medical system) erase borders

Spain - France - Andorra

...regarding the CB validation of diplomas of doctors & nurses

Formulate a convention between health institutions & developing working agreements between the Orders of Doctors in those three countries & pilot test between two hospitals

Facilitating cross-border mobility within the scope of dual education in the Eurometropolis Lille-Kortrijk-Tournai

Belgium - France

…because of the absence of a cross-border framework for dual education

Pilot project & collection of statistical information within the territory about the dual education in order to increase youth employment

XBORDER – WORK: tacking administrative issues that hinder free movement of workers

Slovenia - Italy

…because of lack of a fully defined tax statuses of CB workers,
leading to tax reviews and fines (or double taxation)

Test a bilingual shared paper form for declaring the taxes & produce a recommendation paper for the legislators in both countries to apply this paper form for declaring taxed of cross-border workers

Roadmap & factsheet for the recognition of qualifications for highly demanded professions: two practical documents for first line support and citizens

Germany - The Netherlands

...concerning the recognition of particularly regulated professions’ qualifications

Produce practical documents with the involvement of competent authorities to support key stakeholders & citizens for the CB recognition of diplomas

EGTC GO Cross-border Public Urban Mobility Plan

Italy - Slovenia

...hindering the integration
of  urban transport networks operating in the EGTC GO area

Study & support from key decision-makers to develop a cross-border urban transport system

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