CB Migration at Mesoamerican Borders:


A series of AEBR events to study and promote vulnerable groups of migrants across the Americas, as well as the Transatlantic relationship of local and regional authorities and civil society organizations. With the support of the Extremadura Agency for International Cooperation to Development.

The Association of European Border Regions organized last April a series of meetings and forums on migration, climate change and development in Central America, Mexico and the United States. The aim was to promote the improvement of living conditions in border areas of the region by means of cross-border cooperation strategies and projects. Framed in the AEBR Global Project, this initiative was supported by the Autonomous Community of Extremadura (Spain) and various European and American entities such as George Washington University (United States), Colegio de la Frontera Norte and Colegio de la Frontera Sur (Mexico), Universidad San Carlos (Guatemala), Caribe Afirmativo (Colombia) or Fundacion Triangulo (Spain).

Thus, the AEBR General Secretary has held a meeting with the George Washington University with a view to strengthening ties between organizations of the United States, Canada, Mexico and Europe. Also with the aim of promoting transatlantic projects to fight against climate change and the aim of exchanging experiences and good practices of cross-border cooperation preservation of natural spaces, as a first set of working fields, with a view to work on migration issues and on the implementation of sustainable cross-border cooperation processes.

In Tijuana and San Diego, AEBR has organized two seminars on migration and vulnerability of migrant collective rights, as it is the case of LGTBI groups. The seminar in Tijuana has involved about thirty subnational public bodies, researchers and activists. In addition, a collaboration agreement with the Colegio de la Frontera Norte has been signed in order to cooperate in research on migration and its impact on border areas.

The city of Guatemala has been the meeting point of a group of universities, international organizations and organizations of productive development, which in different workshops have conceived project proposals to be executed with AEBR and its members and with the support of international cooperation

These actions carried out in Mexico and Guatemala have been organized with the financial support of the International Cooperation Agency of Extremadura (AEXCID) in the frame of a grant granted to AEBR for the development of border areas of Central America and South America.

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