21st Century Borders - BIG 2.0 :


The project proposal has been submitted on 15 February and, in case of approval, this partnered knowledge mobilization will co-produce comparative and policy relevant research with international cross-border organizations in Europe, North America, Asia and Latin America, and connect this research with knowledge-users. The partnership brings together 56 individuals from 14 universities and 8 non-academic organizations in 13 countries. The objectives of this research program are to (a) foster and integrate policy/professional and academic research, training and publications on the rapidly evolving field of border studies, (b) maintain and enhance the relevance of border studies and (c) build knowledge to generate theoretical, empirical and policy-relevant expertise required for the momentous paradigm-shift to understand bordering processes: from a state-centric and territory-based logic to an emerging spatial, functional and mobile logic.

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