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Why become a member?

Being a member of AEBR gives your organization the possibility to participate in a Europe-wide network of border and cross-border regions playing an important role in the process of European integration.

AEBR supports its members to highlight and solve the specific problems of border and cross-border regions at both national and European levels, through the implementation of joint European and national actions.

By being part of AEBR, border and cross-border regions and associations of regions can make the most out of the tailor-made solutions that only a Europe-wide network can offer them, while actively contributing towards European policies that take public interests into account and help fostering the mutual understanding and tolerance between the peoples of Europe.

Furthermore, our members are entitled to:

  • receive regular and updated information about current cross-border issues and developments at European level;
  • make use of AEBR’s services, programmes, website, and facilities;
  • utilise AEBR’s unique network to announce important news from their region.
  • cooperate in developing AEBR’s general policy;
  • vote in the elections of AEBR’s Executive Committee (incl. President, Vice-Presidents, Treasurer, Auditors, Chairman of Advisory Committee) every second year.

In the same way, members are requested to:

  • support the mission of AEBR both nationally and throughout Europe;
  • keep AEBR informed about current developments in their border regions;
  • pay the fees agreed by the General Assembly, subject to the provisions of the Statutes and the rules governing membership contributions.

If you are a border or cross-border region or, alternatively, an association of border regions, and are interested to join AEBR, you can send us an official letter expressing your interest.

Please state that you have read and accepted the statutes and the membership Fees Regulation of AEBR, as well as AEBR’ s Charta (2014).

In case more information is needed, please contact AEBR.


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