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b-solutions publications [2021]

A set of 5 publications elaborated within the framework of the initiative b-solutions. They illustrate the findings of the cases analysed in 2020-2021 and before through differences approaches:

  • a summary of the obstacles and proposed solutions 90 cases;
  • three thematic analyses of the cases selected in the fields of Cross-border Public Services, Education and Employment, the European Green Deal;
  • an illustrated storytelling booklet showcasing 7 stories of border obstacles and their impact on local citizens.






CoR’s Guidebook on registering EGTCs [2021]

A detailed guidebook on how to register an EGTC in each EU Member State (and region) and several selected non-EU states prepared by the European Committee of the Regions.



Stories of European Cooperation [2018 – 2021]

Interact and AEBR publish regularly articles written by young participants of the Interreg Volunteer Youth initiative to showcase the impact of projects of Territorial Cooperation.





CoR’s report on the public consultations on the future of Cross-Border Cooperation [2021 (updated in July)]

Analysis of the response to the public consultation ran by the European Committee of the Regions on behalf of the European Cross-Border Citizens’ Alliance from December 2020 to March 2021. The objective of the consultation and the report is to develop recommendations on the future of cross-border cooperation as part of its contribution to the Conference on the Future of Europe, built on people’s vision of the long-term future of cross-border cooperation in the European Union.



European Commission’s public consultation on overcoming cross-border obstacles – Summary report [2020]

Summary report of the European Commission’s public consultation of 2020 that addressed all individuals and organisations of the EU interested in cross-border interactions. The report gives an overview of the accomplishments of the last years but also of the obstacles that keep limiting cross-border cooperation and interactions between border regions. The findings of this consultation are aimed at formulating furthe recommendations to support cross-border cooperation.


b-solutions‘ compendium and annex [2020]

The first compendium of b-solutions and its annexes are online: Download here the compendium and here the annex and discover the 43 obstacles and relative solutions of the first two calls for proposals.



Youth Manifesto for Cohesion Policy [2020]

Manifesto for Young People by Young People to Shape the European Cooperation Policy. This manifesto which collects young people’s ideas and wishes on how to improve territorial cooperation. The ideas presented here have been collected by European Commission staff via targeted surveys, polls and online group discussions with young people from all over Europe.



Interreg Europe’s report on SMEs competitiveness [2020]

A Policy Brief from Interreg Europe’s Policy Learning Platform on SME competitiveness, How to boost entrepreneurship in rural areas? April 2020



Peripheral Access‘ report on solutions for mobility in peripheral areas [2020]

Evaluation report with the policy recommendations on mobility in peripheral areas stemming from Interreg Central Europe’s project Peripheral Access, June 2020



AEBR’s Youth Charter for Cross-border cooperation [2018]

AEBR’s Youth Charter for Cross-border cooperation is a result of the hard-working youth involved in the AEBR events all over Europe. Its aims to achieve a common vision that youth must take full involvement in regional and cross-border society development through participation and information exchange



AEBR’s report Information Services for Cross-border Workers in European Border Regions [2012]

The overall report drawn in conclusion of a project analysing barriers to mobility in the labour market of border regions.

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