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AEBR contributes to the development and the implementation of cross-border cooperation in Europe to the benefit of all border and cross-border regions:

  • representing their interests towards relevant authorities at the European level;
  • raising awareness of their specific needs;
  • providing relevant information on CBC to its members; and
  • channelling this information into decision-making processes, interest groupings, etc.

In addition to that, AEBR members acquire the advantage of a wide and valuable community. For its members, AEBR:

  • reports on and updates about the newest decisions made at the European level, and always tries to influence during decision-making processes on any issue of interest for border and cross-border regions;
  • assists in the foundation and development of cross-border structures;
  • offers a unique network, enabling a comprehensive exchange of information;
  • through Task Forces and/or specific partnerships, provides a platform to coordinate and develop joint projects. See “AEBR organisation” for more detailed information.

With more than 50 years of experience in cross-border cooperation, AEBR has the necessary knowledge and capacities to represent the specific interests of its members and assist them in elaborating proposals to solve their existing problems and provide better services to the citizens.

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