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Vision and Mission

AEBR strives to promote cross-border cooperation, in Europe and other continents.



Its mission is the representation of the common interests of border and cross-border regions inside and outside the European Union, identifying obstacles to cooperation and possible solutions, and promoting exchanges between stakeholders to enhance CBC and territorial development in general, with full respect to regional diversity.

To achieve its mission, AEBR:

  • represents the interests of border and cross-border region vis-à-vis European institutions, national and regional authorities to enhance CBC and European integration;
  • promotes exchanges of information and experiences between them and identifies and coordinates common interests among the diverse range of cross-border problems and opportunities, proposing possible solutions;
  • implements programmes and projects targeted at facilitating and supporting CBC;
  • organises events to raise awareness of cross-border obstacles and to promote the exchange of good practices and information;
  • prepares, coordinates and implements joint campaigns aimed at raising awareness of CBC-related issues;
  • advises institutions of the European Union and the Council of Europe and informs political bodies and the public about cross-border matters.

Supporting CBC practices includes the best use of European funds, the development of trans-European networks and infrastructures, the enhancement of cross-border labour markets and services of public interest, the joint management and protection of cross-border natural and cultural resources, the promotion of cross-border value chains, and the enhancement of sustainable and effective policies for the development of these territories, such as tourism, rural development, clean energies, etc.

Specific geographical and topical issues are regarded with special attention: regions at the EU external borders, peripheral, coastal or mountain regions.

AEBR considers border areas as the laboratories of European integration, which happens every day across the “Scars of History”. Our vision is not a Europe without borders but a continent where cross-border territories, formerly places of division, become meeting places for citizens who consolidate the European project every day, making it more diverse, tolerant and solidary.

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