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8th Cohesion Report

The 8th Cohesion Report has been released in February 2022, almost two years later than expected, and the Cohesion Forum will discuss it on 17-18 March in Brussels.

The 8th Report on Economic, Social and Territorial Cohesion reveals the regional impact of the coronavirus pandemic and shows the European response: reducing disparities, more public investment, supporting jobs, improving road and rail transport infrastructure, and supporting connectivity. Future priorities have to do with flexibility and transition: to carbon-neutrality and the digital transition. It is available in English: Full Report / Short version / Factsheet / Maps.

The Commission has adopted on 4 February a Communication on Cohesion in Europe towards 2050: 8th Cohesion Report, available in all EU languages.

Cross-border cooperation is much more present in this Report than the previous one (7th Cohesion Report, October 2017). Just the foreword by Commissioner Ferreira and Commissioner Schmit (Jobs and Social Rights) already states that “closing national borders has affected border regions disproportionately. In short, new territorial and social disparities have emerged” and asks policies to adapt to “promote effective CBC” among other measures. Ch.4 “A more connected Europe” highlights cross-border passenger rail services, but also the persistence of many gaps, lower speeds, lower transport performance in border areas. One of the major challenges for Cohesion Policy is highlighted to be “strengthening the role of regions in building Europe’s future by strengthening cross-border and interregional cooperation“.

The CoR has made an initial assessment where it highlights that regional disparities remain high and some are growing in the EU…“it is essential to address the new drivers of disparities, strengthen the role of regions in building Europe’s future and developing the right tools to deliver cohesion towards 2050”. It addresses the 2022 Cohesion Forum “to launch a debate among stakeholders on the lessons to be drawn from the recent crisis and a reflection on future challenges for cohesion policy”. The FR Presidency will adopt Council Conclusions for the 8th Cohesion Report in June 2022 and the EP will most likely prepare a report for later this year.

In this online folder, you will find the full report with highlighted cross-border references, the short version, a factsheet, all the maps, the Commission’s Communication and the initial assessment of the European Committee of the Regions (CoR). Further documents will also be uploaded to this folder.

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