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AEBR welcomes five more members in 2019

In 2019, five new members joined AEBR: Arad County Council (RO), Chios Chamber of Commerce (EL), Euroregion Krušnohoří/Erzgebirge (CZ/DE) and Kursk Chamber of Commerce and Industry (RU) and the Suceava Regional Office for cross-border cooperation (RO).

The number of AEBR’s members has steadily grown,  highlighting the importance of creating networks for cross-border cooperation when there are numerous challenges for regional and local policymakers across the European Union and beyond.

AEBR welcomes its new members and values their commitment to cross-border cooperation. Thanks to their decision to join AEBR, the association grow stronger and can represent border regions’ specific needs better, increasing the weight of the voice of local and regional authorities from border regions at European level.

New members at glance

Mrs Garofţa Popa and Mr György Bölöni, Councillors of Arad County at AEBR’s General Assembly 2019. Author: David González


Arad County is located in the western part of Romania, next to the border with Hungary. With almost half a million inhabitants, it forms one of the most developed regions in the country. Due to its proximity to the border, it attracts a great number of foreign investments. Arad County Council has many contacts abroad, mostly with the county Békés in Hungary. Since many years, the Arad County has undertaken bilateral working groups.


The Czech side of the Euroregion Erzgebirge / Krušnohoří has had a good working relationship with AEBR since its founding in 1992. It is a voluntary community of

The traditional competition of young firefighters of both parts of the Euroregion Erzgebirge / Erzgebirge. Picture provided by the Euroregion

local and regional authorities, which promotes and develops cross-border cooperation in all areas and maintains a comprehensive peaceful and neighbourly cooperation with the North Bohemian authorities and all other interested parties. 72 municipalities and 39 companies and associations are members of the Euroregion Erzgebirge / Krušnohoří being located on the Czech side.


The Euroregion Erzgebirge / Krušnohoří thanks AEBR for the results it has achieved so far, enabled by the support granted by the Association throughout the years. To continue promote cross-border cooperation in this region, it has now joined AEBR.

Mr George Perris from the Chamber of Commerce of Chios. Picture provided by the Chamber

Chios is one of the largest islands of the North East Aegean Sea very close to Turkey. It has 50.000 inhabitants and is well known for its great maritime tradition, shipping and trade history from ancient times. Chios Chamber of Commerce is an important contributor to the handling of crucial problems and the offering of beneficial solutions to the local economy.


Mr Legatos Pantelis, President of the Chamber of Commerce of Chios. Picture provided by the Chamber

The Chamber of Commerce of Chios joined AEBR to exchange on best practices on cross-border cooperation with other stakeholders. Its aim is to identify and coordinate common interests among the diverse range of cross-border problems and opportunities.




Mr Cezar Grozavu at AEBR’s General Assembly 2019. Author: David González

The regional Offices for Cross-border Cooperation (ROCBC), of which the Suceava Regional Office is part, is a network of organisations in Romania which aim to ensure the management of neighbourhood programmes. The Suceava Regional


Office focuses on the sustainable development of the border regions between Romanian and Ukrainian by promoting interregional, domestic and international cooperation. The main task is to support local initiatives in this sense.


The Suceava Regional Office has joined AERB to develop future projects and be part of a big network for cross-border cooperation. AEBR offers them an occasion to gain expertise, create strategic partnership and help disseminate the best practices of cooperation between Romania and Ukraine.

Logo of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Kursk

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Kursk has joined AEBR as an observer. The chamber is situated in the Kursk region of the Russian Federation, which is a full member of AEBR since 2009.

The Chamber of Kursk provides services for enterprises and organisations of the region and assists enterprises in the development of international and interregional relations.

Through visits and business missions, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Kursk seeks to establish mutually beneficial relations. Thanks to the interaction between chambers of commerce and business within AEBR, opportunities to establish business relations, discuss key issues of business development and share experience will rise.

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