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AEBR Annual Events 2023 in Košice (Slovakia) & Ukraine

AEBR Annual events will take place this year in various locations in Košice. The VII CB School will deal with CB Labour Markets, and the role of CBC at the external borders of the EU. Faculty of Law, Pavol Jozef Šafárik University of Košice, Wednesday, 8 November 2023.  Read the call for papers here.

AEBR General Assembly and the first session of AEBR Annual Conference on Thursday, 9 November, will take place at Thália Theatre in Košice.

And the second day of the Annual Conference, Friday 10 November, will be organized at the Yasmin Hotel. The Sail of Papenburg 2023 Award Ceremony will take place either at the end of the Conference or during the evening events.

On Saturday, 11 November, a study visit to and across the border with Ukraine and various activities in Uzhhorod are under preparation, as circumstances permit. Please be sure to hold a valid passport to take part in this visit.

Link to the registration form

We are pre-booking hotel rooms in various hotels in Košice (see below). In case you want to attend, we would encourage you to register and book your hotel room as soom as possible. November seems to be a busy period in town for conferences and other events, and the accommodation is scarce.

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Wednesday, 8 November

VII CB School

Faculty of Law, Pavol Jozef Šafárik University, Košice

The VII Cross Border School, an activity led with 21st Century Borders_Lab, University of Victoria (British Columbia, Canada), with the collaboration of the Pavol Jozef Šafárik University of Košice (Slovakia) and the Research Institute of European Territorial Cooperation of the Uzhhorod National University (Ukraine).

The VII AEBR Cross Border School focuses on two broad topics:

Cross-border labour markets in border regions in Eastern and Western Europe.

The role of soft or para-diplomacy in cross-border cooperation and EUisation of external borderlands.

Read more in the call for papers.


Thursday, 9 November

Venue: Thália Theatre, Košice


AEBR Executive Committee meeting

(for Executive Committee members only)

AEBR General Assembly

(for AEBR members only)


AEBR Annual Conference

1st Session, Cross-Border Labour Markets


Evening: gala dinner offered by Košice self-government


Friday, 10 November

Venue: Hotel Yasmin, Košice

2nd day, AEBR Annual Conference:

CBC at the external borders of the EU

Sail of Papenburg 2023 

Find here the call for applications for 2023. Topic: “CB Labour Market: Telework and Home-Office – Challenges and Opportunities in Post-Covid Times”. The call closes on the 15th of September 2023. 


Saturday, 11 November

Study visit to the border region and across the border with Ukraine. Various activities are under preparation in Uzhhorod if circumstances allow.


A draft programme is under preparation and we will update this website as long as we receive confirmations.



Travelling to Košice

Košice airport is connected with Vienna (11 flights per week), London (5 flights to Stansted and 5 to Luton), Warsaw (6), Prague (4), Dublin (2) and Liverpool (2). You might also consider flying to Bratislava or Budapest.

If you fly to Bratislava and plan to go by train to Košice (400 km away), this might take some 5-6 hours. Search a train at You can also go by bus.

If you fly to Budapest you can go to Kosice by bus or shuttle (270 km, some three hours).

Here you can find some basic information about Košice.


We have pre-booked some hotel rooms and gathered information about various possibilities. Please see full list below. As availability is low due to many simultaneous events, please make sure to reserve at your earliest convenience to secure a room.

Recommended HOTELS

  • Yasmin: 100 rooms  8/11 to 11/11 (reserve at your earliest convenience)
    • Code: “AEBR”, book via:
    • Price: standard room € 109,00/night; city tax € 2,50/person/night; breakfast, parking, wifi, fitness incl.
  • Hilton: 50 rooms on 8/11, 60 on 9/11 and 60 rooms on 10/11 (reserve by 23 October)
    • Code: „AEBRHILTONKE2023“, book via: 
    • Prices: standard room € 130,00/night; city tax € 2,50/person/night; breakfast € 21,00/person/day; parking € 20,00/car/24H
  • Bristol: 20 rooms 8/11 and 9/11 (reserve by 10 September)
    • Code: „AEBR“, book via:
    • Prices: single room € 99,00/night; city tax € 2,50/person/night; breakfast included, double room € 109,00/night; city tax € 2,50/person/night, breakfast included
  • Roca: 40 rooms 9/11 to 11/11 (reserve by 30 August)
    • Code: „AEBR“, book via:
    • Prices: single room € 68,00/night; city tax € 2,50/person/night; breakfast included, double room € 89,00/night; city tax € 2,50/person/night, breakfast included
  • TeleDom: 28 rooms 8/11 to 10/11 (reserve by 3 November)
    • Code: „AEBR“, book via:
    • Prices: single room € 50,15 /night; city tax € 2,50/person/night; double room €  67,15/night; city tax € 2,50/person/night, apartments or family rooms also available, breakfast € 7,00

You can already register by clicking on this link.

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