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AEBR at ORU FOGAR’s IV World Summit of Regions “Zero Hunger”

7 November 2022


AEBR participated in the IV World Summit of Regions “Zero Hunger” on Food Security and Sovereignty, organised by ORU FOGAR in Temuco (Chile) in October. The preparatory seminar for the summit, “The Coming Hunger” took place in Lima, Peru.

In both events, the Secretary General of AEBR, Martin Guillermo-Ramírez, participated as a speaker at the round table “Prosperity in rural areas”, presenting European experiences and strategies that contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals in border regions.

AEBR acknowledges that hunger is a problem that requires central and regional governments and actors of the international community to commit, mobilise and coordinate along a set of operational and strategic priorities. For this reason and as members of ORU FOGAR’s executive committee, AEBR took an active role in both events. Plan Binacional Ecuador-Peru, one of AEBR main partners in South America, also participated presenting best practices in the Andean border areas.

The two seminars demonstrated the commitment of regions to design and take collective action on interventions along the entire food supply chain, in the food environment and in the political economy that shapes trade, public spending and investment policies. They have also served to reassess what has been achieved and identify those strategies that have been successful, to protect and support them, and to promote new policies only when necessary.

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