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AEBR Taskforce INTERREG Webinar: an update on upcoming regulation

AEBR Taskforce Interreg organised a webinar on 10 December 2020 inviting AEBR members to join an informative session with representatives of DG REGIO. The over 40 participants exchanged on three main topics: the new regulation of Interreg, Small Projects Funds and simplified cost options.

Peter van t’Hoog, Chairman of AEBR’s Task Force Interreg, introduced Dirk Peters, senior expert from the European Commission, who presented the main points of the newly adopted Interreg VI regulations (details are available here). Mr Peters also confirmed that Member States will be informed about their envelopes shortly, and then they can consider transfers between programmes. He also explained the role of the Political Objectives and Specific Interreg Objectives.

Particular attention has been given to the management of Small Projects Funds (SPFs): Steffen Rubach from EuRegio Salzburg-Berchtesgadener Land-Traunstein (AT/DE) highlighted the novelties in SPFs’ implementation in the new programming period, while Ruediger Kubsch from Euroregion Elbe-Labe (DE/CZ) introduced a survey, which will be launched in early 2021 among stakeholders to assess the impact of SPFs in various European regions. Understanding better their role and how they are managed throughout Europe will allow gathering relevant information, useful to better influence future decisions on SPFs.

Participants also exchanged on the issue of simplified cost options, as euroregions and Interreg Programmes lamented problems with auditing authorities in processing costs submitted under this procedure. Interreg 2021-2027 aims to offer solutions to such bottlenecks, and AEBR’s TF will follow up on this topic.

Peter van t’Hoog concluded the webinar informing that this and further exchanges within the TF Interreg will be used to draft a position paper to align information among AEBR’s members and offer insights on local and regional authorities’, euroregions’ and cross-border structures’ experiences working within Interreg.

In preparation of AEBR’s general assembly and annual conference in 2021, the Province of Gelderland will bring forward the work of the TF Interreg to convey AEBR’s members’ role in improving European Territorial Cooperation.

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