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b-solutions’ third call for proposals: the full list of selected cases

Following the b-solutions‘ third call for proposals’ closing, AEBR and the EU Commission’s DG REGIO have performed the quality assessment of the 27 applications received. Among them, they have selected 23 advice cases addressing legal and administrative obstacles that hamper the cross-border cooperation along the EU and EFTA internal land borders.

The 23 selected cases will receive the support of legal experts with knowledge of cross-border instances whom will structure the definition of the obstacles identified in a clear and systematic way and will elaborate possible solutions together with roadmaps to implement them.

All the selected cases will be advised within the implementation period envisaged by the third call for proposals of b-solutions, namely by the end of January 2021.

To continue raising awareness and mutual learning among the cross-border stakeholders, the regional, national and European institutions, in conclusion of the analyses collected within the present and the next call for proposals, a second compendium of the reports elaborated by the experts will be produced by AEBR in cooperation with the European Commission.

Below, is the full list of successful cases – short descriptions of all of them will be soon available on the b-solutions’ website and on the EU Commission’ s platform “Boosting EU border regions“.


Under the thematic area “Employment”:


Cross-border staffing difficulties – ambiguous application of social and health insurance regulations

EGTC Ister-Granum


KOMPAR – Promoting employability in the health & social sector

EGTC Euroregion Nouvelle-Aquitaine Euskadi Navarra


Making cross-border internship worthy

EGTC Linieland van Waas en Hulst (in cooperation with Euregion Scheldemond)


The problem of the children’s sickness certificate for frontier workers working in Germany and residing in the Netherlands

euregio rhein-maas-nord


Coorcurity: Facilitating the coordination of social security systems for cross-border workers and pensioners

EGTC Arrabona Ltd.



Under the thematic area “Evidence and Data


Facilitating health data accessibility to initiate cross-border public policies

Conseil départemental du Haut-Rhin


ZASNET-Meseta Ibérica Transboundary Tourist Observatory



Under the thematic area “Health


Transparent solutions in the border region for efficient treatment and reimbursement of medical expenses for Dutch and German patients

Eems Dollard Region (EDR)


Cross Border Transport of Medical Goods per Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (a.k.a. “drone”)

City of Aachen


Introducing cross-border healthcare into regular operation

Lower Austrian Health Agency / EU Affairs & Healthacross


Cross-border emergencies team

EGTC Eurocity Chaves-Verín



Under the thematic area “Information Services


Perceived border obstacles linked to wood contruction – Sweden and Norway

The Svinesund Committee



Under the thematic area “Institutional Cooperation


Removal or simplification of the procedure to obtain the Car Circulation Guide for Cross-Border Workers

EGTC Galicia-Norte de Portugal


Elimination of barriers and 360º evaluation of the mobility of students from vulnerable groups in the higher education ecosystem of the GNP Euroregion

Centro de Estudos Eurorrexinais Galicia-Norte de Portugal


Improvement of conditions for cross-border aerial forest fire control

Directorate General for External Action – Junta de Extremadura


Minho River Nature 2000. Boosting Cross-Border Multi-level Governance

EGTC-Rio Minho


Problem analysis and possible solutions concerning access to enclaves

Gemeente Baarle-Nassau


Cross border obstacles on cross border transport and use of manure

Provincie West-Vlaanderen (on behalf of the Euregion Scheldemond)


Tour guide practice and their activity on both sides of the Hungarian and Croatian border

EGTC Mura Region


Analysis of legislative borders in employment, especially in agricultural field

EGTC Gate to Europe



Under the thematic area “Multingualism


Financing cross-border pupils’ education

Communauté de Communes Pyrénées Haut Garonnaises



Under the thematic area “Transport


Rolling stock approval to foster rail transport between France and Spain

Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region


Cross-border authorizations of tramway personnel

Province of Limburg


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