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Cross Border Cooperation and Gender



19 May 2021

AEBR and the Regional Government of Extremadura organized a Euro-Latin American forum on a gender approach in cross-border cooperation and development 


The Association of European Border Regions (AEBR) and the Extremadura Agency for International Development Cooperation of the Regional Government of Extremadura (AEXCID) have organized the online Euro-Latin American forum Cross-border cooperation with a gender approach on 19 May 2021, with the participation of representatives from Spain, Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, and Uruguay, as well as the international organizations MERCOSUR and UN Women.

The event had the support of the Brotherhood of Northern Ecuador Provinces and Southern Colombia Departments, a cross-border structure with which AEBR organizes a series of seminars where cross-border cooperation is the axis of the intervention planning processes for development.

The forum was inaugurated by the General Director of External Action of the Regional Government of Extremadura, Rosa Balas, and the Director of AEXCID, Ángel Calle. Ainara Aguirre and Leticia Bendelac, researchers on gender and cross-border cooperation, María de los Ángeles Petit, Argentine deputy expert in gender policies in border territories, and representatives of UN Women in Colombia presented concrete proposals and methodologies in order to include the approach of gender in cross-border policies, strategies, and projects planning.

More than a hundred participants, mainly local authorities, universities, non-governmental organizations, and other agencies promoting development have attended this cycle of seminars and workshops, which will conclude in early June with a series of workshops to boost the economy at the Ecuador-Colombia border.

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