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#RightToConnectNow: Digitalization as an opportunity to build an inclusive society

In the framework of Entelis+ project, AEBR is organizing the virtual Forum #RightToConnectNow: Digitalization an opportunity to build an inclusive society, that will take place on 15th June, 10:00-13:00h.

The current global situation has driven the digitalization of the world of work providing opportunities, diversifying employment options, and promoting new models such as teleworking. The development of digital skills and their inclusion in VET provider programs are currently on the European Agenda. In that line, ICT skills may be relevant when it comes to including people with disabilities in the labour market.

The Forum #RightToConnectNow: Digitalization an opportunity for the formation of an inclusive society will be interpreted simultaneously into English and Spanish. At the same time, we will have the experience of several Spanish local authorities who play an important role in promoting the inclusion of people with different abilities in our society and, therefore, in the world of work.

We will present the work that Entelis+ has carried out in terms of its development of training materials in order to help trainers to provide more accessible training for all types of students.

We also want this event to be part of the campaign promoted by Entelis+ #RightToConnectNow, through which we will be inviting people with disabilities to be heard and claim their right to be connected to the network because nowadays, more than ever, it is necessary to address the digital gap between all of us.

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Date: 15th June 2021

Hour: 10:00-12:30




Agenda of the event:


Opening: 10:00-10:30 (20 Min)

  • Welcome speech from the Mayor of Rubí (5 min).
  • Welcome speech from AEBR General Secretary: Martín Guillermo (5 min).
  • Welcome speech from ENTELIS+ project representative: Magdalena Verseckas. (5 min).
  • Welcome speech from representative of the European Commission: tbd


Round Table 10:30-11:15: Presentation of experiences in providing services to persons with disabilities through technology (40 minutes).

  • Presentation of the experience of Rubí (10 minutes).
  • Bryan Boyle, School of Clinical Sciences, University College Cork, Ireland (10 minutes).
  • Presentation of the Spanish Federation municipalities and provinces (10 minutes).
  •  Aaron Reitbauer, Atempo Group (10 minutes).


Presentation session of Entelis Training Materials 11:15-12:00 (45 minutes).

  • Jon Switter, Funka presentation of Entelis + Training Materials
  • Questions and discussion of the results


Conclusion and closure (15 minutes)

  • Conclusions of the sitting (5 minutes).
  • Closing statement (5 minutes).
  • Video of RightToConnectCampaign



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