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In May 2014 the Association of European Border Regions (AEBR) created the AEBR Centre for Balkans aiming to support Euroregions and other Cross-Border Structures in the Balkans with following tasks:

  • Strengthen Balkan’s Euroregions and other cross-border structures for implementing cross-border programmes and projects, and to help them to solve cross-border problems and to support special activities;
  • Act as a platform for exchanges of experience and information to identify and coordinate common interests among the diverse range of cross-border problems and opportunities, and to propose possible solutions;
  • Improve public awareness of the importance and value of cross-border cooperation;
  • Detect specific problems, opportunities, responsibilities and activities of Balkan’s cross-border structures;
  • Initiate, support and coordinate cooperation between the cross-border structures in the Balkan region;
  • Carry out the strategic plans and applied research on cross-border issues, and to
  • Establish and coordinate the AEBR Network of Young Leaders for Cross-border Cooperation.
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Since 2014 AEBR Balkans has implemented more than 20 projects and taken active participation in more than 50 events related to cross-border cooperation in the field of capacity building, youth, spatial planning and urban development, legal accessibility, economic development; cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue, gender equality, reconciliation and conflict prevention.

Some of the projects and events are the following:

Some of the projects and events are the following:

  • VI AEBR Youth Forum “New Generation for EU Enlargement”, 2014
  • Seminar on “Spatial Planning and Cross-Border Cooperation for Local Authorities”, 2015
  • Advocacy for ratification of Madrid Outline Convention in Serbia, 2015
  • Video conference “Urban Development in Border Areas”, 2015
  • Video conference “Implementation of public diplomacy projects and cross-border cooperation at the regional level”, 2015
  • VII Youth Forum “Youth as the driving force of the European Union”, 2015
  • AEBR Network of Young Leaders for CBC (YLCBC), 2015-2020
  • Sarajevo Study Tour – Cross-border cooperation in pre-, during and post-conflict situation (Israel/Palestine), 2016
  • Seminar on Cross-border Cooperation, 2016
  • Workshop on Cross-border Cooperation and Spatial Planning, 2016
  • International Conference on “Women in Rural Areas and Cross-Border Cooperation”, 2016
  • Seminar “Inclusive Security in Jerusalem – The Role of Palestinian and Israeli Women”, 2016
  • Erasmus Plus Mobility Project “Start-Up Yourself”, 2016
  • AEBR Youth Charter for Cross Border Cooperation, 2016-2017
  • Research “Database of Serbian and Kosovo under UNSC res. 1244/1999 actors involved in cross-border cooperation”, 2017
  • Conference “New opportunities in cross-border cooperation on the Balkans”, 2017
  • Research “Database of Montenegro and Bosnia & Herzegovina actors involved in cross-border cooperation”, 2017
  • Erasmus Plus Mobility Project “Entrepreneurship- Just do it”, 2017
  • VIII AEBR Youth Forum “Young Leaders for Promotion of Friendly Neighbourship and Peace”, 2017
  • Young Leaders Meeting “Youth Role in Cross Border Cooperation Context”, 2017
  • Erasmus Plus Mobility Project “Youth for Road Safety”, 2017
  • Youth4NUA International Summit “Youth for Implementation of UN-Habitat New Agenda”, 2017
  • Youth4NUA Workshop “Youth Roadmap for New Urban Agenda”, and Workshop “Youth Action for New Urban Agenda in Border Regions”, 2018
  • Youth leadership Forum “EUSDR and EUSAIR youth for cross-border partnership and cohesion”, 2018
  • Action plan for AEBR Youth Charter for Cross-border Cooperation, 2018
  • Youth4NUA Position paper ”Youth contribution to the development of the National Urban Strategy of the Republic of Serbia”, 2018
  • E-learning platform for CBC – SECCo2 project, 2018
  • AER Summer Academy – “Youth is Future, Youth is Europe” for AMiD workshop: “Opportunities for all abilities”, 2019
  • Balkans Study Tour for INTERREG SWE-NOR, Conference “European, Serbian, Bulgarian and Scandinavian Perspectives on European Territorial Cooperation Post 2020”, and Seminar “Cross-Border Good Governance”, 2019
  • OSCE HCNM conference on Promoting the Participation of National Minorities as a Pathway to the Integration of Diverse Societies, 2019
  • CBC Learning HUB, 2020


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