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AEBR Global Initiative

AEBR is involved with several projects outside of Europe to share the knowledge and best practices of cross-border cooperation with policy-makers and local authorities all over the world. These projects are executed in Latin America, Africa and Middle East and financed by projects’ funds and International Cooperation funds.

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Projects in which AEBR Global Initiative is part of:

INNOVACT: This project promotes the exchange of experiences between the European Union and Latin America in the field of regional development. The project supports innovation in cross-border contexts, bringing together regional authorities, agencies and the private sector to develop common objectives. The project takes place in different border regions of Latin American countries: Bolivia, Peru, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Mexico, Guatemala, Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay. During the second quarter of the year, AEBR has been supporting the designing of training programs as well as the organization of working visits to Europe and Latin America. Project is funded by the European Commission.


TRANSBOUNDARY RIVER BASINS: AEBR has an agreement signed together with ALT (Alta Autoridad del Lago Titicaca / High Authority of Titicaca Lake), a Bolivian-Peruvian binational entity, with the aim of expertise and good practices transfer in cross-border management of water basins and multilevel governability promotion.

AEBR has taken part, also, in support actions to the governability in the Uruguay river basin and in international basins at Andean borders.


AEXCID III:  “Capacity building and territorial innovation to improve the impact of development cooperation on the Colombia-Ecuador border” financed by Extremadura’s Agency for International Development and Cooperation (AEXCID) and implemented by AEBR. The project takes place in the departments of Nariño and Putumayo (Colombia) and the provinces from Carchi and Esmeraldas (Ecuador).

It aims to improve territorial planning, management and innovation of local entities. It is based on capacity building and transfer of European experiences, following the logic of cross-border cooperation, mainly from the Spanish-Portuguese border.

Four training and capacity-building activities and a study visit to EUROACE, by a delegation of border representatives, will take place in order to gain practical experience in cross-border projects.

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