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AEBR Information Center at Simon Kuznets KhNUE

Founded in 2013, the AEBR Information Center is placed in the Research and Library Building of Kharkiv National University of Economics, in Kharkiv region, Ukraine.

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The aim of establishment of this centre is to both identify regional priorities and  shared priorities for regions through cross-border cooperation. The development and facilitation of border regions and cross-border cooperation is a key opportunity that with the establishment of AEBR centre now exists within the country.

AEBR believes that significant and important forms of good practice are emerging in Ukraine which are worth to share across an European audience.

At present, the main activity of the Center is the coordination of the preparation of the Assembly of Ukrainian border regions and Euroregions and the Ukraine-EU Transboundary Dialogue.

Syromolot Eduard,
the Head of the AEBR InfoCenter at Simon Kuznets KhNEU

The Center interacts with AEBR Task Force on External Borders, AEBR Project Office in Berlin and the Task Force Cross-Border Health.


The School of Civil Diplomacy of Eastern Ukraine
The School for Civic Diplomacy is an initiative of the AEBR which consists of a model of capacity building and joined-up development activity which aims to promote capacity within regions for civic co-operation and territorial co-operation at regional level, through sharing of knowledge, learning, information and experience as well as building the important relationships which must underpin all good practice co-operation between regions and across borders where this is possible.

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