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Latest news on b-solutions: last call closed

31 March 2021


The fourth and last call for proposals under the initiative b-solutions closed on 16 March 2021.

30 different public bodies and cross-border structures have submitted their applications to address obstacles of a legal or administrative nature that make cross-border cooperation complicated.

The proposals received identify obstacles along 14 different borders and involve 15 EU Member States and 1 EFTA country and they address issues in 5 out the 8 thematic areas covered by the initiative, namely institutional cooperation, employment, health (including emergency services), public transport and information services.

As in the past calls, the thematic area of institutional cooperation was selected by the majority of the applicants.

The profiles of the participating entities are diverse: among the 18 public or public equivalent bodies that identified an obstacle to cross-border cooperation, 5 are regions or regional bodies, 5 are provinces or counties, 5 are municipalities and 3 are other types of structures – one hospital, one information center and a national agency for social security.

12 more cross-border structures like euroregions, EGTCs and associations have also raised their voices to draw the attention of AEBR and of the European Commission on the problems that limit their work or the life of citizens residing in their border regions.

Following the closure of the call, AEBR and the Border Focal Point at DG REGIO are in the process of selecting a maximum of 27 applications that will receive legal support by experts who will conceive solutions to their obstacles.

The full list of the selected proposals will be published in the next days on the online platform “Border Focal Point Network” on the page specifically dedicated to b-solutions. Stay tuned!

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