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Latest updates on Inter Ventures

Continuing into the Autumn, the activities of the Inter Ventures project were heavily influenced by the Covid-19 pandemic and restrictions. In November two study visits were organised by partners in Spain and Lithuania respectively. These were both held online, a practice that has become a standard. As partners are getting more used to online events, these tend to get better every month. In the autumn, partners have worked on the Regional Policy Recommendation, this document forms the draft of the Action Plan, which is the final document made by partners as completion of Inter Ventures. Project documents, newsletters, infographics and a short clip from the Online Study Visit to Burgos (Spain) can be found in the project’s library.


The Good Practices are now finalized and uploaded into the Interreg system where they are publicly available to the benefit of interested actors. These Good Practices describe how project partners have managed to help SMEs in their quest for internationalization.


In the upcoming months the project partners will concentrate on adjusting the Good Practices, introduced by fellow project partners, to their conditions. Partners will also start on writing the final Action Plan, based on the feedback given on their Regional Policy Recommendations.


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