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Meeting of AEBR Task Force Cross-Border Health

After quite some time without a formal meeting, AEBR Task Force Cross-Border Health was reactivated through an online event on Wednesday, 3 February, at 10:00 CET, where more than thirty participants started a first analysis of the situation of healthcare in border regions in times of pandemic.

We also presented the recent contract with the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Health and Food Safety (DG Santé) to provide an overview of cross-border patient mobility and the reimbursement system used for planned healthcare treatment in a number of border regions, so to complement the data on cross-border healthcare collected for the purposes of the CB Health Directive (2011/24/EU) and the Social Security Regulations (883/2004 and 987/2009).


10:00 Introduction and welcome by AEBR Secretary-General and Dr Jacques Scheres (AEBR TF CB Health)

10:05 Round of presentations by the participants, introducing their organisations and briefly explaining how COVID-19 has affected their territories/organisations. Various AEBR members and partners  made brief presentations:

  • Valentina Polylas, Director, EUREGHA Secretariat
  • Julia Winkler, Health Across (AT)
  • Henri Lewalle, Health Working Group, Economic and Social Committee of the Greater Region (BE/DE/FR/LU)
  • Fred Reinders, European Patients Empowerment for Customized Solutions (EPECS)
  • Frédéric Siebenhaar and Niels Herbst, EGTC Eurodistrict PAMINA (DE/FR)
  • Agnés Chapelle, Health Working Group, Greater Region (BE/DE/FR/LU)
  • Luisa Poclen (Regione Friuli-Venezia-Giulia)
  • Thea Remers and Sina Hoch (Euregio Rhine-Waal)
  • Rudolf Godesar (Euregio Meuse-Rhine)

Exchange of views about the different expectations on the work of the Task Force in the coming months.

11:00 Break

11:10 Presentation of the project Cross-border patient mobility in selected EU regions

  • Brief introduction: AEBR Secretary-General, project director
  • Presentation of the initiative by Caroline Hager, Team Leader  for Cross-Border Healthcare at the unit B2: Cross-border healthcare and  tobacco control, Directorate-General for Health and Food Safety, European Commission
  • Presentation of AEBR’s role by Caitriona Mullan, AEBR external expert and project manager
  • The importance of data, by Petra WilsonHealth Connect Partners, AEBR external expert

12:00 Exchange with the participants

12:30 Closing

Main presentations are linked in the programme above, and additional presentations by our partners are linked below.

210203 Healthacross Info Sheet EN

210301 (weekly) PAMINA EGTC (DE-FR) Informations TF sur COVID-19 / Grenzüberschreitende Informationen zu COVID-19

210301 – Zusammenarbeit der Grossregion in der Corona Krise (DE)

For any comment, question or remark, you can contact, or directly AEBR Secretary-General (, who coordinates this Task Force.

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