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Multilevel Governance in the Cross-border management of water basins – an event of AEBR and Junta de Extremadura

The event “Multilevel Governance in the Cross-border management of water basins”, organised by AEBR with the support of Extremadura region, was held on an online basis on the 27th of July. In the event, several experiences on cross-border cooperation in Europe, South and Central America were discussed. Its main focus was the exchange of experiences in the sector and the presentation of diverse methods and projects developed to solve matters of management and governance of water resources in these areas.

After a brief opening presentation by Foreign Affairs ministries of Perou and Ecuador, an introductory lecture on key concepts of cross-border governance in water basins was given by AEBR and Eurosocial+ experts Pablo Rivera, Chema Cruz and Raúl Nieto. This lecture was followed by one on “Territorial Development Funds and Structures with a Cross-Border Focus” and their role in fostering multilevel governance of water resources, presented by experts European expertis and the Ecuadorean Chapter of the Binational Plan Ecuador – Perou. The third lecture brought an European perspective, from the Minho Basin and the Alqueva Lake (Guadiana River) in the Portuguese-Spanish border. The lectures were presented by Uxio Benítez, from EGTC Río Minho, and João Martins from the Alqueva project.

The following lectures covered Latin American experiences on the topic. Experiences from five water basins of the continent were presented in detail: the Catamayo-China basin, by Fernando Iñíguez, Director of the Ecuadorean Chapter of the Binational Plan Ecuador-Perou; the Amazonas river basin, between Peru and Colombia, by Pablo Soria, from the Special Integrated Development Project of the Putumayo River Basin; the Titicaca Lake basin, by Juan Ocola, President of the Titicaca Lake Authority; the Uruguay river basin, by Marcos Folonier, from the Committee for the Development of the Uruguay River Basin; and the Sixaola river basin, between Costa Rica and Panama, by Oscar Méndez, Executive Secretary of the Costa Rica-Panama Border Covenant. Following the lectures, final remarks and conclusions were presented and the event was closed.

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