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  1. EUREGIO chairman Rob Welten in the Hague calls for more attention to be paid to border regions (AHA24x7, 11/03/2020). The Second Parliamentary Committee on the Interior invited representatives from the border regions to use concrete examples to identify where there is still work to be done. These include education, the labour market or cross-border ambulance transport.

‘Cross-border cooperation is the basis for European integration. For more than 60 years, we, as EUREGIO, have been working to promote cohesion in our region: On both sides of the border’, according to Rob Welten, who called on Members of Parliament to continue to support this.

There were much attention paid to cross-border cooperation at the Dutch House of Representatives that week: among other things, parliamentary debates which go into more detail on the tax position of frontier workers and the importance of German trade in the border regions. On Wednesday, 11 March a debate in the Chamber with Minister Kops (BZK) on cross-border cooperation was also expected.

  1. PAMINA implements PAMINA-Jugendkonferenz Klimaschutz | Conférence des Jeunes PAMINA Protection du Climat.
  2. Newsletter from Euroregion Spree-Neiße-Bober e.V. (Europa Profil 04/2019)
  3. Newsletter from EuRegio Salzburg – Berchtesgadener Land – Traunstein (EuRegio Aktuell – Ausgbae 04/2019)
  4. Regio Basiliensis Newsletter 11/2019
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