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Online-conference ‘Connecting peripheries’

Last 26 May 2020, AEBR together with Peripheral Access, organised the Online-Conference ‘Connecting peripheries’. The event focussed on two key topics: boosting cross-border connections, and targeted solutions for peri-urban and rural areas.




The event, which was opened by Paul Vieweg, from the German Association for Housing, Urban and Spatial Development, Germany- Lead Partner of Peripheral Access, presented different obstacles in border areas affecting transport services. Also, in order to illustrate each topic, the conference showed different solutions that are being implemented in various cases.:

Regarding the topic, ‘boosting cross-border connection’:

  • Cinzia Dellagiacoma, from AEBR, made an introduction to the legal obstacles to cross-border transport and possible solution, presenting lessons learnt from the project b-solutions.
  • Květoslav Havlík, from Peripheral Access and the South Moravian Integrated Public Transport Agency, presented new ways to increase the attractivity of peripheral border areas by new public transport offers, through the case of cross-border cyclo-buses in South Moravia, Czech Republic
  • Marco Lukat, from Peripheral Access and Vogtland Transport authority, Saxony, Germany, spoke about increasing tourism traffic on selected train lines through digital marketing, presenting the case of Elstertalbahn from Gera, Germany, to Cheb, Czech Republic

About the topic ‘targeted solutions for peri-urban and rural areas’:

  • Anna Reichenberger, from Regional Management Agency of the Metropolitan Area of Styria, Graz, Austria and Peripheral Access, spoke about extending a system of multimodal mobility hubs to urban peripheries.
  • To conclude, Jasmin Weißbrodt from the County of Cuxhaven, introduced the MAMBA project and the topic “people-to-people” mobility solutions.

Some key statements of the event are summarized in this video.

Watch the whole conference in this other video.

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