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BUS – Business Development Opportunities on External EU Borders

BUS is an acronym for ESPON Targeted Analysis Project „Business Development Opportunities on External EU Borders“


To analyse challenges and opportunities for development of entrepreneurship and attracting investments for business development in the cross-border areas located at the EU External Borders. By involving three cross-border pilot regions – in Latvia and Lithuania bordering Belarus and Russian Federation, and Romania bordering Moldova – the study will seek answers on how closeness to the EU External Border can be an asset to socio-economic and regional development, and what policies and support mechanisms are required to stimulate business development and cohesion of these and similar remote areas thus decreasing their segregation.


The main outcome is a concrete list of recommendations and support mechanisms for each stakeholder territory on development of entrepreneurship and attracting investments in the cross-border areas at the EU External Border by using this specific location and other conditions as an asset.


Duration: January – December 2020 (12 months)


Budget: 250,000 EUR


AEBR role in the BUS project:

AEBR is a part of the project Steering Committee which supervises and advises the implementation of the targeted analysis, making sure that each activity achieves the predefined objectives. Furthermore, AEBR will disseminate the results of the targeted analysis among its members and their networks including national and regional stakeholders, other cross-border areas on the EU External Borders, international organizations and European policymakers such as the European Commission. Lastly, AEBR will ensure that the results of the targeted analysis are used in “policy discussions at the European and inter-country level in planning of financial interventions and programmes for regional and local economic development, as well as cross-border cooperation at the EU External Borders with a focus on cooperation with third countries for 2021-2027 (including advise on the results of the study to its member regions for preparation of their CBC programmes).


Lead Stakeholder: Latgale Region, Latvia

Project partners:



Kick-off Meeting in Daugavpils (Latvia) on 12-13 December 2019


What will the members of AEBR gain from this project:


Responsible person for the project in AEBR:

Link to project BUS web-page:

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