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ENTELIS+ will be implementing a new method of working based on the ENTELIS network and the EIPonAHA community to foster inclusive education regarding accessibility skills for a technology-enhanced learning oriented to people with disabilities and older adult

Duration of the project: 2 years (From February 2020 to January 2022)


AEBR role in the project: 

In ENTELIS+, AEBR will take action mostly in the WP4 on Dissemination & Exploitation, where will be in charge of establishing the guidelines for scaling up the project successfully; they will reach out to regional and local authorities (LRA) across Europe. The AEBR will also input other tasks (especially the Advisory Board in WP5) related to its expertise on upscaling in a cross-border context and the use of EU Structural Funds to develop and implement policy innovation. AEBR will dedicate the necessary resources for an efficient operational & financial management of the project.



  • Analysis of existing good practices on accessibility digital skills to foster inclusive education
  • Training workshop for expert trainers & partners
  • Development of concrete (local) plans to bridge the digital divide
  • Piloting local action plans
  • Local awareness events
  • Toolkit for a successful scaling up


What will the members of AEBR gain from this project: 

  • know and have the tools and results of this project.
  • We will acquire knowledge in a not very common subject for the work of AEBR such as disability, which will allow us to expand knowledge and learn new realities that we can apply in our border regions in the future.
  • Expand the network of contacts.


How can a border region participate in the project?

​Border regions will be involved in this project and will be beneficiated by the outputs since AEBR should organise 5 local events to authorities for border regions. The aim of these events is that the public authorities know these tools and are sensitized in their use


Responsible person for the project in AEBR: Patricia Tejada

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