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Regions with geographic and demographic handicaps (art. 174 TFEU)

Ms Marie Antoinette Maupertuis from Corsica (FR/EA) is the appointed rapporteur by the European Committee of the Regions (CoR) to discuss Enhancing cohesion policy support for regions with geographic and demographic handicaps, following art. 174 of the Treaty of the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU):

In order to promote its overall harmonious development, the Union shall develop and pursue its actions leading to the strengthening of its economic, social and territorial cohesion. 

In particular, the Union shall aim at reducing disparities between the levels of development of the various regions and the backwardness of the least favoured regions. 

Among the regions concerned, particular attention shall be paid to rural areas, areas affected by industrial transition, and regions which suffer from severe and permanent natural or demographic handicaps such as the northernmost regions with very low population density and island, cross- border and mountain regions.

Please find here AEBR Position Paper prepared by Stefano Arroque, project officer in the AEBR Global Initiative office in Brussels. This paper was presented to the consultation organized by the CoR on 20 May, where Ms Maupertuis introduced the works on this draft CoR own-opinion and listed to the statements of the CRPM Islands Commission, Euromontana, the European LEADER Association for Rural Development and AEBR.

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