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#RightToConnectNow: Digitalization, an opportunity for the formation of an inclusive society

18 June 2021


Entelis+ Project, in which AEBR is collaborating, aims to reduce the digital division through strategies and policies for the development of digital skills of people with disabilities of all ages. In that line, the #RightToConnectNow: Digitalization, an opportunity for the formation of an inclusive society event, that took place on 15 June, showed that with the collaboration of universities, local authorities, and organizations it is possible to create a more inclusive society.


Firstly, representatives of the municipality of Rubí (ES) presented a social network project that is focused on the promotion of communication in families that have a member who has some functional diversity. The Autonomous University of Barcelona shared different EU-funded research initiatives whose goal is the use of digital technologies for the integration of people with disabilities into society and the world of work. In addition, Bryan Boyle, PhD student at the University of Cork, offered a perspective on supporting the inclusion of people with disabilities and the elderly.


Likewise, from the experience of organizations such as Atempo we were presented digitally innovative content to empower people with disabilities in the best possible way, both digitally and with analogue tools. Lourdes González, Coordinator of technological accessibility projects of the ONCE foundation,  explained the qualities that ICTs should have in order to be accessible for everyone.


At the same time, she described some technological projects aimed at enhancing the employability of people with disabilities through ICTs. To conclude, Jon Switter, from Funka, described one of the main contributions of the project Entelis+: the training materials that seek to offer help to coaches to obtain and provide a more accessible training for all type of students.


The seminar was a great opportunity to share experiences and ideas from different organizations and sectors about how we can work through technology to offer the same opportunities to all people.

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