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Updates on Inter Ventures: Recommendations for SMEs’ internationalisation in border regions

31 March 2021


By March 2021, all INTER VENTURES’ partners have analysed the situation of SMEs’ internationalization in their region and composed a report about it (you can find them here). Also, all of the five partners have introduced three of their best practices about SME internationalization (you can find them here). Based on the Situation Analysis and Best Practices, each of the partners composed a Regional Policy Recommendation (you can find them here).


The main issues brought out in the Regional Policy Recommendation are as follows:

  • COVID and especially COVID-related restrictions have had a strong negative influence on the SME internationalization as cooperation and networking were slowed down or even stopped during the restrictions’ time
  • There are in many cases no specific measures about SME internationalization in the regional development policies


Recommendations for the new Programming period brought out in the Policy were formulated:

  • Regional development policies should include an SME competitiveness priority
  • Enhancing / triggering SME internationalization is essential – the emphasis should be put on the support and encouragement of promotion and development of entrepreneurial transnational cooperation
  • Special emphasis should be put on SMEs in a less advanced phase of internationalization
  • Rise the awareness of SMEs about what benefits and requirements are associated with operations on international markets
  • Bring attention to the role of women in the entrepreneurial world
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