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Focusing on patients in border regions

31 March 2021


AEBR has won a tender by DG SANTÉ to implement the contract Cross-border patient mobility in selected EU regions. The objective of the project is to access data to obtain a better understanding of patient flows between EU border regions.


DG SANTÉ has appointed AEBR to complement the data collected for the purpose of the Cross-Border Healthcare Directive, looking at those regions where patients mobility is particularly high. AEBR will collect information on the number of patients crossing borders using the Directive 2011/24/EU of 9 March 2011 on the application of patients’ rights in cross-border healthcare, and the types of services they receive, indispensable for any assessment of cross-border healthcare.


As a result, AEBR and DG SANTÉ will produce reports on four case studies of cross border regions.


The implementation of the contract of Cross-border patient mobility in selected EU regions started in January 2021 with the preparation of the inception documents and a kick-off meeting with the people in charge at the Commission’s Directorate-General for Health and Food Safety (DG Santé), with the participation of DG REGIO and AEBR two external experts: Ms Caitriona Mullan and Ms Petra Wilson.


AEBR Task Force Cross-Border Health is expected to play a relevant role in this project and a reactivation meeting was organized on 3 February to launch this project, with the participation of DG Santé.

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