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Right to connect now, right to work! A conference by Entelis+

07 June 2021


Digitalization brings opportunities that allow us to live our daily lives differently. It has made it possible for us to be connected at a time when traveling, meeting, and working have been completely paralyzed. Indeed, digitalization has changed our lives and it has provided us with new ways of working and relate between each other.


Have you ever thought about how digital media can bring disabled individuals closer to the labor market? Have you ever thought about how the local authorities can promote disabled people’s employability in our society?

We live in a world that it is thought by and for the majority, without realizing that there is not a majority in which we do not all fit.


The possibilities that digitalization offer us about the integration of disabled individuals in workplaces is an issue that must be increasingly recurring. Informing the society about this matter would be translated to multiple benefits for all of us.


Taking advantage of this paradigm shift to include all the people in our society is in our hands. This is the reason why it is important to focus on local authorities because they are instrumental to promote policies to turn digitalization into a reality and bring disabled people closer to their workplaces.


If we want to move forward as a society, we must do it all together, leaving no one behind. From Entelis+ we prepared some educational materials of which the main objective is to provide and ensure that our education has a wider conception and that it is ensured for everybody, regardless of their abilities.


The role of the local authorities in promoting digitalization as an opportunity for shaping an inclusive society is essential. From Entelis +, AEBR we want to promote technology as a way of bringing different tools for disabled people, in order to use technology as a tool to get their daily lives easier.


It all adds up and the political will is a fundamental requisite for raising awareness and promoting digitalization in order to insert disabled people in the world of work.



The virtual Forum #RightToConnectNow: Digitalization an opportunity to build an inclusive society, organised by Entelis+’s partners, will take place on 15 June 2021, 10:00-13:00h. For more information see here.

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